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6 April 2010

User Support for HDMI Connection Problem

Thank you for using Canon products.

When connecting an HDMI cable from an SX80 Mark II to AV equipment or computers, some of the SX80 Mark II projectors may experience one or more of the phenomena listed below:
Image cannot be projected
Audio signal is not coming out from the projector
Low resolution on the projection

Affected Product:

SX80 Mark II (Classification Number: A, B or C)

How to Check the Classification Number

The last letter in the serial number is the classification number.
For example, if the serial number is JXY00473B, "B" is the classification number.

How to Check the Classification Number on the Product Label

The product label is attached to the bottom side of the projector, and the serial number is printed on it.
Please see the image below for your reference.

How to Use Projection to Check the Classification Number

Project the screen of the projector.
Press the MENU button on the projector or remote controller to open the menu.


All affected products will be inspected and serviced free of charge. We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please contact your nearest service centre if you have any queries.